24 January 2014

The Lyttelton Police Station (circa 1880) is listed by the Historic Places Trust as a Category II Heritage building. It is the oldest continuously manned police station in New Zealand.

Unfortunately the station was hard hit during the Christchurch earthquakes. The cost of repair was prohibitive so it was decided to demolish the building. In the interim police worked out of a garage at the back of the site with minimal facilities.

Opus worked with Arrow International and NZ Police to provide a solution in the form of a re-locatable police station. It was constructed in the North Island and sent on the back of a truck to Christchurch. Due to its dimensions it couldn’t pass through the Lyttelton Tunnel so it had to be brought to the site over Dyers Pass.

Christchurch City Council helped hasten the planning and consent processes and now the building is fully occupied, enabling Lyttelton Police to function once again at full capacity.