24 January 2014

We're very proud to be involved in the Waka Maori project.

A highlight was working on the sculptural elements of the entry feature walls and the stage areas: the male and female figures Tane and Wahine. They will be pivotal to expressing the essence of the architectural space and gave us a chance to indulge in poetics.

We particularly relished the chance to create the masculine Te Whero [Challenge] facial tattoo with a ‘don't mess' aesthetic. The visitors will walk up this guardian's tongue to be swallowed into the building. A design process like this really does involve losing yourself in the mythology. With that comes a new way of seeing the world which we would like to show to the visitors.

While work on this project involved many late nights (and a lot of pizza), the cooperation with TOA (toa.net.nz) has allowed us to dig deep into our creative and artistic talents. It was also fun!

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